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Altar Arrangements

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

When planning florals for a wedding, brides often think first of their bouquet and then of their tables, but often forget the thing that will be the first impact for your guests....the altar. You can go grand and spectacular or simple and elegant. But know that the altar decor can help set the tone for the rest of your wedding day! Here are a few examples of some of our favorite altar arrangements we have designed in the past.

The Vining Look :: Budget $100-300

This style is perfect for the bride that wants a simple statement. If you are having your ceremony and reception in the same room, it also works really great as a re-use piece to frame your sweetheart or head table.

Photo by Britney Tarno Photography | Venue: The White Sparrow

Photo by Kate Panza Photography | Venue: The Grand Ivory

Photo by Lionheart Images | Venue: The Laurel

Photo by Luisas Secret | Venue: Nest At Ruth Farms

The Archway :: Budget $400-1000+

This is probably one of the most traditional styles of altar arrangements and can range in cost depending on the amount of florals used. I have several available archway structures in my rental inventory and many venues are built with an arbor or archway in their outdoor ceremony location.

Photo by Jennifer Yarbro Photography | Venue: Lonestar Mansion

Photo by Lorena Burns Photography | Venue: Stonecrest Venue

Photo by Madeline Shea Photography | Venue: The Springs Aubrey - The Lodge

Photo by J. Sharpova Photo | Venue: Lonestar Mansion

Photo by Gray Door Photography | Venue: The Laurel

The Tall Arrangements :: Budget $300-600

This style is probably one of the most versatile in being able to be reused within your reception space. These tall style arrangements can double as tall table centerpieces, arrangements to frame a cake table or even a few arrangements to dress up a stage or bar area.

Photo by Kim Shaffer Photography | Venue: Robert Carr Chapel

Photo by Jillian Zamora Photography | Venue: The Dallas Arboretum

Photo by Lindsay Davenport Photography | Venue: Christ the King Catholic Church

The Freestanding/"Growing" Arrangement :: Budget $600-1500+

This is by far one of the most popular trends in altar arrangements. It is a very unique way of creating a "garden" feel on your altar with the look of florals growing vertically. In an all inclusive venue, where the ceremony and reception are in the same location, these arrangements can be moved to the reception space to frame a sweetheart table or cake table.

Photo by Luisas Secret | Venue: The Emerson

Photo by Outland Weddings | Venue: The Laurel

Photo by Casey Douglas Photography | Venue: Ashton Gardens

Photo by Mr. & Mrs. Archer | Venue: Monroe Pearson

Photo by Hauser Photography | Venue: Marie Gabrielle

The Cross Floral Spray :: Budget $150-300

Many brides might not have a traditional "church" wedding, but still want to bring some aspect of the church to their altar so renting a wooden cross structure is the perfect solution. You can leave it plain or dress it up with some fun florals!

Photo by Ashley L Turner | Venue: Stonecrest Venue

Photo by Adrian Stecker Photo | Venue: Chapel at Ana Villa

The Mantle Piece :: Budget $600-2000

If your venue is built with a fireplace type of altar, dressing up the mantle is a must do! You can go simple or full and dramatic.

Photo by Ashley L Turner Photography | Venue: Hidden Pines Chapel - Highland Village

Photo by Chloe Jones Photography | Venue: Morgan Creek Barn

The Different & Unique :: Budget $800-2000

And last, but certainly not least, is doing something totally different. Using different structures or columns or even utilizing a structure already built into the venue can create an impact that is different and will leave your guests talking.

Photo by Rebecca Langford Photography | Venue: The Lumen Room

Photo by Pape Weddings | Venue: Brik Venue

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