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Table Arrangement Styles

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

When you begin planning your wedding reception, you will soon realize that table arrangement styles are vast and varying in both style and pricing. Where I typically see brides spend a good amount of their budget is in outfitting their tables with florals. For a bride with a hefty budget, this won't make a difference, but don't worry! If you are needing to stay within a specific amount, there are ways to make table florals work within your budget! So let's look at some different style options and talk about the range of pricing you will find yourself in for each style.

Loose Greenery and Blooms :: Budget $45-75 per table

I will start with a few of the most budget conscious options! First up, using candles and a few loose greens and blooms. It's simple, yet impactful. I offer various candle rental options or you're welcome to provide your own candles, lanterns, hurricanes, etc.

Photo by Elisabeth Carol Photography

This style also works great on long tables as a table garland alternative (see that option/pricing below). It's a lot less product and labor than a garland, but very similar look!

Bud Vases and Candles/Decor :: Budget $55-95 per table

This option is similar to the loose greenery and blooms option, but gives a little height to the florals without breaking the bank. The price range goes up a little due to the bud vase rental cost.

Photo by Jeff Brummett Photography

Compote Arrangement :: Budget $125-175 per table

This is a very popular style when you want to take a step up on budget per table and have a little more florals. It's low and stays beneath your guests eye line, but still gives the dramatic effect of a full and lush floral.

Photo by Jennifer Yarbro Photography

Photo by Rebekah Maynard Photography

Table Wreath (Greenery & Light Blooms) :: Budget $125-160 per table

This style is really popular when a bride is using greenery garlands for long tables and wants something similar for her round tables mixed in.

Photo by Elisabeth Carol Photography

Table Wreath (Full Florals) :: Budget $150-200 per table

Similar to the Compote style in that it gives you an impactful full and lush floral with keeping it low and beneath your guests eye line.

Photo by Havi Frost Photography

Photo by New Seasons Photography

Low & Full Flush Arrangement :: Budget $135-175 per table

Another great low option with full florals, but now eliminating the vase rental cost. Plus it's an easy arrangement for you to give friends and family at the end of the night!

Photo by Liesl Claire Photography

Table Greenery Garlands with light blooms :: Budget $160-250+ per 8 foot table

Garlands have definitely been a very popular choice for the last few years with many people using the wooden farmhouse style of tables. Garlands are priced per foot and can range in price depending on the types of greenery used as well as if they have flowers included. Many people assume they are inexpensive because they are mostly greenery, however, this is not true. They take a lot of product and are very labor intensive. But boy are they pretty!

Photo by Pape Weddings

Photo by Payge Stevens Photography

Tall Greenery Arrangement :: Budget $200-275 per table

This is a perfect option for the bride that wants some height, but doesn't want to break the bank with a lot of flowers included. And these greenery spheres can be absolutely stunning.

Photo by Rebekah Maynard Photography

Tall & Full Arrangement :: Budget $375-450+ per table

Last and certainly not least is an option for both dramatic height and a stunning display of florals. This can definitely make a statement in your reception space. Many brides opt to add a few of these into the reception space framing the dance floor area or accenting their head table to have that dramatic effect without having to spend the money for them on every table. They are always a show stopper.

Photo by Casey Douglas Photography

Photo by New Seasons Photography

The list of styles can go on and on. The great thing about your tables at your reception is that you can make them your own. And there are plenty of ways to get a dramatic effect without having to spend a fortune on every table. It is also a great idea to use a variety of styles to offer interest to your overall reception look.

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