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Bouquet Styles: Choosing the style that is right for you!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

One of the starting points of my design process is the bride's bouquet. That bouquet typically tells the story of your entire vision for florals at your wedding. It's the most photographed of all your florals and all eyes will be on that bouquet. But as a bride, where do you begin in choosing the style of your bouquet? Trends in bouquets come and go, but I find that what you choose needs to be uniquely YOU! Whether that is colorful or neutral, round or cascading, pick the bouquet that you love. You only get to carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers like this once in your life. So choose what you want!

Colors can be adapted to your wedding palette, but it's important to land on the right style of bouquet for your taste. These styles below are some of the most popular looks in wedding bouquets.

The Round Bouquet

This tends to be the most traditional style of bouquet that has stood the test of time. It's classic and traditional. It can be only florals or have light touches of greenery around the base.

Photo by Mordie Photographie

Photo by Emily Chappell Photography

The Round & Loose Bouquet

Then there is my take on the round bouquet that is also a little more "loose". It's got the base of the round bouquet, but has a little more greenery and fluttery blooms giving it that slightly looser feel. This is a great option for the bride that does not like the perfect "ball" bouquet, but also does not want to venture into the full on cascading style of bouquet.

Photo by Michele Shore Photography

Photo by Ben Q. Photography

The Loose & Full Bouquet

I like to call this style the Loose & Full, because it has more shape and movement to it then the previous style and typically has a lot of fun fluttery blooms and textures. This is a very popular style and is one of my favorites to design (shhh...don't tell the other styles)!

Photo by Luisa & Douglas Photography

Photo by Jillian Zamora Photography

Photo by Melissa Claire Photography

The Asymmetrical and Wide Bouquet

This is for the bride that wants a show stopper bouquet. This style tends to have a more asymmetrical style and lends to a more wide shape with lots of fun cascading and loose details.

Photo by Hauser Photography

Photo by Jeff Brummett Photography

The Traditional Cascading Bouquet

And last, but not least, we have the traditional cascading bouquet. This style has been around for a long time and seems to making a come back with some of the more modern flairs. This style tends to not cascade wide as much as it cascades down. It's a gorgeous choice for the bride that wants something dramatic, but not stray too far from tradition.

Photo by Rebecca Langford Photography

Photo by Kim Shaffer Photography

Whether you choose round and tight or loose and cascading, make sure you choose the bouquet that you love! Don't feel overwhelmed by this choice, but go with your gut instinct. Consider the detailing of your dress and even the shape of the dress for which style will compliment your overall look. I am always happy to help and guide you through this decision process and make the bouquet of your dreams!

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